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Are you looking for a real Rubber Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be her Rubber Sex Object? Then you have come to the right place. Where your wildest fantasies become reality. Come in and enjoy the magic of Rubber Empire. Download over 5 hours of high resolution Video Clips. Updatet 2 Times every Month!

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Lady Katherina - Rubber Toy StrapOn Fucked

Helpless fixed on the gynaecological chair and moth gagged as i like it my rubber toy is ready to get merciless fucked only for my pleasure. 
WMV Video ca. 15 Min, Size (720*576)


Madame Gillette - 2 Rubbertoys to play (Part2)

What a nasty situation for my Rubber Toy. It is strictly forbidden to Cum and shod the load. If he do the punishment for him is 4 weeks looked up in a chastity device. Well the best way to test him is the milking machine. What a fun for me to watch how he fight against his orgasm.  
WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Isis - Rubber Trash (Part3)

In the third part of his interrogation, Alex. H is shocked with electroshocks and wanking to an incredible orgasm. In this moment he will confess everything he knows.  
WMV Video ca. 16 Min, Size (512*288)


Madame Gillette - 2 Rubbertoys to play

Today I have ordered 2 rubber play toys for myself in my Luxurious Rubber loft. Woman can never have enough I directly bind Slave Toy NR 16 in X shape on the waterbed and cable his best piece with the electrical stimulation device, while No. 22 may test my new piece of furniture. Helplessly trapped in chains, upside down on the shelf with his best piece locked up and painfully stretched in the tail pillory. And now I'll connect the glass with my goddess liquid to a tube that goes directly to his Mouth gag . Not that anyone can say my guests get nothing to drink!  
WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Isis - Rubber Trash (Part2)

In the second Part the interrogation continus with B. control over a Gas Mask, wanking, electro Shocks to his Dick and much more sadistic treatment for the "Rubber Trash" 
WMV Video ca. 15 Min, Size (512*288)


Madame Gillette und Lady Ashley - Extremly Tubed Part 4

At the end of the session we show our rubber toy what he is from now on for the rest of his live, the puplic toilett for all the ladies in our dungeon. 
WMV Video ca. 8 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Kate - Das Gummi Objekt (Part3)

After his fuckhole from my Rubber Objekct is wide opened by the big strapon Lady Kate decides to continue his education with her fingers, so at the end all 5 are in his butt. The Rubberslave moans and cry like never before in his life and begs for mercy about this horrible ass training… but helpless bound on the punishment chair hi must stand all treatments that his Rubber Goddess has come up for him. So as next Lady Kate use the poor slave as her personal toilet.  
WMV Video ca. 10 Min, Size (512*288)


Madame Gillette und Lady Ashley - Extremly Tubed Part 3

You want to be the absolute Playtoy, anal pluged, gagged, helpless fixed and totally committed to the sadistic treatment from 2 Ladies... here you are! Your Tripp into orgasm control Fantasy for hours is starting right here... Lets Milk!!!  
WMV Video ca. 14 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Alexa - black rubber -

The slave is still pretty messed up due to the cbt. Unfortunately for him it is now time to seal off his arse with a blow up plug. Still not satisfied Lady Alexa decides to silence the slave's whining with a gas mask. The tube attached to the mask allows her to play some nice games while he still suffers in pain.  
WMV Video ca. 8.42 Min, Size (640*480)


Madame Gillette und Lady Ashley - Extremly Tubed Part 3

How could his paltry imagination ever prepare him for the full reality of Madame Gillette und Lady Ashley. When she finally ushers him into HER clinic, The Nurses will be taking him far beyond the limits of his wildest dreams 
WMV Video ca. 14 Min, Size ( 720*576)


Victoria Valente - Chastity Belt -

14 days and 14 nights Viktoria Valente's slave had to endure wearing the chastity belt. Every touch of the lady makes him shiver in horniness. The Lady fully utilises this and treat her rubberised victim with an extensive facesit, followed by a vicious treatment with the needle-wheel. She keeps pushing him closer and closer to the brink of madness, but too little contact is surely not a complaint of the slave anymore. Alone the pain from the chastity belt and the needle-wheel could be an explanation for his whining.  
WMV Video ca. 18 Min, Size (720*576)


Madame Gillette und Lady Ashley - Extremly Tubed 1 Part1

The first time together in one Movie, Lady Ashley and Madame Gillette. So it is dobbel punishment time for the rubber Object... Extremly Tubed is his future.  
WMV Video ca. 13 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Kate - Das Gummi Objekt (Part1)

Mouth gagged and bound in strict robe bondage at the punishment chair this horny rubber slave gets a very nasty treatment by Germanys hottest Dominatrix, Lady Kate (To be continued)  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (512*288)


Cheyenne de Murie - The Milking Station (Part 2)

and now it is time to Milk my poor rubber slave to a great orgasem. 
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Alexa – Rubber Milking

It's the final round of a though session with Lady Alexa and her rubber slave! The slave is tied down to a rack while his Mistress pulls a transparent breath mask, made from rubber,over his head. The breath play makes the slave completely amenable and Lady Alexa replaces the mask with a feeding gag to flush her hot gtolden Shower down his throat. After this the slave is jerked off the hard way and finally gets to taste his own cum.  
WMV Video ca. 9.01 Min, Size (640*480)


Lady Ashley - Release from chastity

Now i drive the game with my locked up rubber object to the max. I use him as my living Toilet box and i promise him if he swallows everything i will release him from the chastity device. But if i let him come in this session is a other question. 
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Isis - - Straigthjacket Slave - -

The slave is completely immobilised and lies in front of his Mistress. Lady Isis makes use of electro stimulation and extreme air play to become her will. Finally a big gag is blown up in the air reduction mask and the the horny rubber toy is ready to play  
WMV Video ca. 10.20 Min, Size (640*480)


Cheyenne de Murie - The Milking Station (Part1)

Today my 24/7 Rubber Slave reaches his personal record: 6 Weeks in Chastity. The past 6 Weeks his job was to fuck himself every night with a big Plug in his own ass hole. So was my wish ... and today I will test with my biggest Plug now that his ass is wide enough and that other people and I can fuck him for real. I enjoy when my slaves get fucked by other Women or Men just for my fun. Also, in the mean time, after this 6 Weeks his balls are so big that he cannot go (walk) any more. As I heard from the Emergency central that he will come I ordered my other Slave that, for safety reasons, he should bring him to my milking room on a wheelchair. And today I will have mercy on him and his big ball, but first he must stand my sadistic treatment without shooting his load, otherwise he get 3 extra months locked up again in chastity. To be continued...  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Ashley - The brink of insanity Part2

Absolut horny is my little Slut... so lets play a nice game called Robe Bondage, i want my Rubber Toy total helpless for my next sadistic idea. Oh, how sensitive his nipples and balls are...  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720*576)


Contessa Cara - Locked up and Fucked

My poor Rubber Slave have since some weeks horrible Problems to get a hard dick and to come, so i will help him and fuck his ass... and remember: It is only for your own good... and perhaps someday you can get relese from the Chastity Device and a hard Dick again... hahaha 
WMV Video ca. 14 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Ashley - The brink of insanity Part1

After I got my rubber toy driven to the brink of insanity with the milking machine I almost feel a little sorry. So I send it for 3 hours into the cell where it can wait for me with locked up dick and big balls while I devote myself to other tasks. Well, then let's see what nasty games I can now play with him and we will see if it eventually may go home in freedom land locked up. Once we begin with a sadistic Teasing of his painful dick. 
WMV Video ca. 10 Min, Size (720*576)


Lady Viktoria Valente Fuckingmaschine

The slave is fully encased in rubber. Now Viktoria Valente fastens him on the fucking machine, but before he gets what he deserves, he may lick his goddess' butt extensively. In the meanwhile shetakes care of his dick and pushes his excitement even further. Finally the time has come to put the machine into operation. 
WMV Video ca. 10.25 Min, Size (512*288)


Cheyenne de Muriel - Monster Strapon

Today i have 2 lucky Rubber Slaves in my Dungeon just for my Fun, the first is allowed to blow my Monster Strapon and the Second one get it up in his Ass. A Great Day!  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size ( 720*576)


Lady Ashley - The Living Toilet Box

Dressed in finest heavy Rubber my slave has the honour to take place under my Toilet Box. Helpless fixed he must enjoy now every single drop of my well tasty "liquid"  
WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (768*576)


Lady Alexa – Ass Up You get fucked now!

Lady Alexa involves again more suffering for her rubber slave. Heavy CBT with a needle wheel, panifull nipple treatment and to make matters worse the slave is bent over and fucked by the Mistress and her strapon. And finaly his ass get whipped without mercy.  
WMV Video ca. 12.48 Min, Size (640*480)


Lady Ashley - Rubber Slave in Chastity Part1

My new 24/7 slave didn´t do his job right 7 days ago. So I showed no mercy for him and locked his cock in this nice chastity steel device as Punishment, for a week. Today he is back in my dungeon, with filled up balls. So let´s have a look at this looser and how he can make it up to me so that I can release his dick again. I thing I will start with a little bit teasing, nipple play and some electric current on his dick.  
WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (768*576)


Madame Zoe - Extremely Tubed (Part2)

and now i play a very nasty game with my Rubber Doll called Orgasem Control..... 
WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (768*576)


Lady Isis - - Rubber Mummifikation - -

It's a great pleasure for Lady Isis to train her rubber puppet. He is sealed and suspended in the latex sack. The first lesson he has to learn is that the oxygen from a 1.5l rebreather sack doesn't last long. The mistress recognises quickly how horny her slave becomes due to the lack of oxygen and pushes the game to the next level. 
WMV Video ca. 9 Min, Size (720*576)




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