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Are you looking for a real Rubber Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be her
Rubber Sex Object? Then you have come to the right place. Where your wildest fantasies become reality.
Come in and enjoy the magic of Rubber Empire.

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Lady Isis - Das Gummi Benutzungs Objekt Part1

Total helpless fixed at the punishment chair the Rubber Object must suffer a sadistic teasing by Lady Isis. His nipples get painfully twirled and his asshole get fucked with a metal Plug. In the moment as the object think he cant stand this humiliation anymore a second Mistress with a Slave enters the dungeon. It is time for his first Bi session.  

Running time  17 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.04.2017

Cheyenne de Muriell - Milking without orgasm

The drama for my rubber slut goes on, he is spent in the rubber cocoon and his balls get stretched tightly. Then comes an inflatable gag and the darkness in the form of a blindfold over him. Sure that the treatment place his dick quite quickly in the vertical, and how horny it is only when I put my rubber ass on his face. What I had forgotten to mention against the rubber slut that one can milking and the sperm splashes, but this does not automatically mean that there is also an orgasm 

Running time  18 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  31.03.2017

Madame Zoe - Rubertoy must suffer

There are so many great toys in Mademoiselle Zoes repertoire. The slave has to wear a penis claw.The slightest erection makes it pierce his flesh. In addition, his balls are bound tightly and maybethe pain in his ball distracts him from the needles in his nipples. Without mercy Zoe slides the 1.2mm thick cannulae through his nippels and every now and then she plays with the claw attached to his penis... 

Running time  23 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.03.2017

Lady Ashley - The Rubber Sarkophag

The Lady wants to go out with some friends over the night, so it is Time to move the Rubber Toy to a secure place. Locked up in his Chastity device the Rubber Object will have a extrem long night with big balls in his Rubber Sarkophag. 

Running time  8 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  28.02.2017

Cheyenne de Muriell - Rubber Whore first Ass Fuck

For the Rubber whore follows now a bad game with different Rubber Masks, Gags and her Air. As you can imagine this pumps up direct her dick up again. Such a shame that she can not enjoy it long cause now comes the strapon! First she must learn to blow and then the Mistress take her virgin! It looks like it made her real horny as the Mistress explain her that she get fucked exactly in this position from the male customers in her dungeon soon.  

Running time  15 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  15.02.2017

Extreem Rubber Training

An Extreme hard Rubber Training must endure the Rubber Object in this session. Tight up on the Chair the Mistress take care about his Air using a Gas Mask with a tube. His balls get bound strictly tight and his ass get plugged. The sensitive nipples be also part of this sadistic game. When the Mistress starts to touch the top of his dick with a pin wheel the only thing what the Rubber Toy wants to do is try to escape... but he cant! 

Running time  25 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  31.01.2017

Lady Estelle - No Vanilla

After more then 4 weeks in Chastity Rubber Slave Dev Maso have 5 Minutes time before he get locked up again to wank his dick. Not a easy thing after a hard Ball Busting and used as a humen toilet. 

Running time  13 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.01.2017

Cheyenne de Muriell - Bad News for Rubber Object 36

Real bad News had Lady Cheyenne de Muriel for her Rubber Object 36. She need a replacement for her Rubber Slut "Michele" The bitch is still busy on the street to earn money for the mistress. So now No.36 must endure the education to a rubber whore. First he get a nice metal cook ring with a ball for the anus that he will be stimulated the hole time. Next comes a "Kiss" in form of a Gagg for his Mouth. Strapped with wide legs on the punishment chair he have now the honour of a absolute nasty orgasm control session.  

Running time  18 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  31.12.2016

BONUS XMAS UPDATE - Lady Ashley - Lost in a Rubber Jail

Completely trapped in a rubber bag the helpless playtoy must endure once more a strict kinky and sadistic orgasm control session. First Lady Ashley gives him a handjob, then she starts to treat its pathetic cock with electroshocks and finally the milking machine has a nice job to do. The Rubber slave is fighting against his orgasm. He knows if he comes without the permission of his goddess he will have to spend the whole night in his rubber Jail, with electro simulation device strapped to his dick.  

Running time  21 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  23.12.2016

Lady Satori - The Rubber Slut is for bitten to come

The Rubber Slut is for bitten to come and shoot her load. No a Easy thing when the Mistress sit on her face, her balls are tight up and set under power and the Mistress wank the Dick. the Punishment for an Orgasm is a public degradation and 1 month locked up in chastity! 

Running time  11 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.12.2016



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