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Are you looking for a real Rubber Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be her
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  Added: 15.02.2017

Cheyenne de Muriell - Rubber Whore first Ass Fuck


For the Rubber whore follows now a bad game with different Rubber Masks, Gags and her Air. As you can imagine this pumps up direct her dick up again. Such a shame that she can not enjoy it long cause now comes the strapon! First she must learn to blow and then the Mistress take her virgin! It looks like it made her real horny as the Mistress explain her that she get fucked exactly in this position from the male customers in her dungeon soon.  

 Laufzeit  15 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 720*576 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 31.01.2017

Extreem Rubber Training


An Extreme hard Rubber Training must endure the Rubber Object in this session. Tight up on the Chair the Mistress take care about his Air using a Gas Mask with a tube. His balls get bound strictly tight and his ass get plugged. The sensitive nipples be also part of this sadistic game. When the Mistress starts to touch the top of his dick with a pin wheel the only thing what the Rubber Toy wants to do is try to escape... but he cant! 

 Laufzeit  25 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 720*576 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 14.01.2017

Lady Estelle - No Vanilla



 Laufzeit  13 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 31.12.2016

Cheyenne de Muriell - Bad News for Rubber Object 36


Real bad News had Lady Cheyenne de Muriel for her Rubber Object 36. She need a replacement for her Rubber Slut "Michele" The bitch is still busy on the street to earn money for the mistress. So now No.36 must endure the education to a rubber whore. First he get a nice metal cook ring with a ball for the anus that he will be stimulated the hole time. Next comes a "Kiss" in form of a Gagg for his Mouth. Strapped with wide legs on the punishment chair he have now the honour of a absolute nasty orgasm control session.  

 Laufzeit  18 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 23.12.2016

BONUS XMAS UPDATE - Lady Ashley - Lost in a Rubber Jail


Completely trapped in a rubber bag the helpless playtoy must endure once more a strict kinky and sadistic orgasm control session. First Lady Ashley gives him a handjob, then she starts to treat its pathetic cock with electroshocks and finally the milking machine has a nice job to do. The Rubber slave is fighting against his orgasm. He knows if he comes without the permission of his goddess he will have to spend the whole night in his rubber Jail, with electro simulation device strapped to his dick.  

 Laufzeit  21 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 14.12.2016

Lady Satori - The Rubber Slut is for bitten to come


The Rubber Slut is for bitten to come and shoot her load. No a Easy thing when the Mistress sit on her face, her balls are tight up and set under power and the Mistress wank the Dick. the Punishment for an Orgasm is a public degradation and 1 month locked up in chastity! 

 Laufzeit  11 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 720*576 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 30.11.2016

Ultimate Tease and Denial


Ultimate Tease and Denial comes in this Movie over the poor Rubber Slave. At the command of his Mistress the Slavgirl lick and tease his big Dick.In front of his orgasm he must endure that she stops and fuck herself on a huge metal plug. As Final degradation he must watch Bound between the 2 pillars how the girls starts to lick the Mistress Rubber Pussy.  

 Laufzeit  21 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 720*576 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 15.11.2016

Rubber Object Nr. 4


A 38 Minutes Mega Update. Totally dressed in Heavy Rubber my object Nr4 must endure a hard bondage. To oblige him into a total submission I put a ball gag in his mouth and make him blind with a mask. Completely under my control I tease him and start to masturbate his dick. I tease him with my body and I ab..use his nipple while I wank him ...and stop when he is just about to come...3 times in a row my rubber object Nr4 reaches the edge of the orgasm. But in the end of the session the only thing my horny rubber object Nr.4 gets is a ruined orgasm! 

 Laufzeit  38 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD 720*576 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 01.11.2016

The Baroness - Inflatable Rubber Doll


Dive into a world of bizarre heavy rubber fetish with the Baroness and the Rubber Doll.  

 Laufzeit  22 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 15.10.2016

Lady Vic - Used by the the Machine


My Rubbertoy get used today in a very special way. Anal by a Machine! You can imagine how horny it goes when i sit with my rubber ass on his face and start to wank his dick. A real nice double treatment for his ass and his dick!  

 Laufzeit  24 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  720*576 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 30.09.2016

Lady Satori - Education to be a Toilett


For the Rubber Maid comes now her Education to a living Toilet Box for her Mistress. This is real hard and disgusting for the poor Slut, cause that she can not run away the mistress bound her balls to the ceiling. And as this degradation is not enough next follows the painfully electric play. Again to the big bound balls!  

 Laufzeit  15 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 14.09.2016

Mademoiselle Zoe - - Facesitting - -


It is a wonderful flavour the slave may nose in this special face sitting session, a mixture of latex and the pussy Juice of his mistress. Chained tightly to the ground, there is no escape from the games of Mademoiselle Zoe. The slave gets so horny, almost his sheer excitement makes him come. However in the end he is fed plenty of his own cum.  

 Laufzeit  10.22 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  720*576

  Added: 31.08.2016

Lady Ashley & Mistress Zita - Rubber Toys Double Trouble


Once more Mistress Zita visited her friend Lady Ashley to share a Rubber Slave for a double Punishment. As you can Imagine it was such a Fun for us and a real hard time for our Rubber Object. Cause of the mirror wall in Lady Ashleys brand new Dungeon also our Camera Man must have endured a very special degradation to shoot our sadistic art of domination. So first we take care about our Rubber Toys virgin ass, his mouth and his sensitive nipples. Next we place some electrodes to his balls and Lady Ashley wank his dick while I control the power from the electric shocks and play with his nipples. The Rubber Object is unbelievable horny and wants to come... but we dont want this. So we both stop cause the clue of the game is that we will lock him up with his horniness in a steel chastity. The only Problem is his dick, he is to fat! So it is time for cock and ball whipping! 

 Laufzeit  22 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 14.08.2016

Lady Isis - Under total control


The dungeon of Lady Isis leaves nothing to be desired. Caged into a glass case, especially for rubber dollies, the slave is all tied up and covered in rubber. Ready for use, he is showcased to another Lady and jerked off off merciless. Completely helpless the rubber dolly has to endure all the wicked games his Mistress wants to play. 

 Laufzeit  22 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  720*576

  Added: 31.07.2016

Lady Ashley - Deviant Part2


A very easy exam for ny both rubber Slaves, Deep Throat Contest, who blow the dick like a real bitch get a Orgasm the loser only a Assfuck. And of course both get fucked at the end but this information i dont give to them.  

 Laufzeit  15 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 14.07.2016

Lady Vic - Rubber Slaves Ruined Orgasm


Slave Phil is put into a rubber straitjacket by his Mistress. Once he is helpless and bound with shiny, black cling film, Lady Victoria begins to wank his cock. To ensure he is completely will-less, she sits down with her latex panties right on his rubberised face. He is jerked off until he almost loses his mind but in the end the wicked Lady ruins his orgasm, just for fun.  

 Laufzeit  30 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  720*576

  Added: 30.06.2016

Lady Minou & Kandy - Ultimate Rubber Sex (Part4)


Kandys Ex is freed from the bondage rack with the promise that there is finally now a fuck. Unfortunately the fuck for him designed differently than desired he is now the sandwich for the two ladies and their huge Strapons. The hoped-for reconciliation with his ex ends for him mouth and ass fucked and locked up in a steel chastity and Lady Minou, his rival by Kandys love now wears the key for his Chastity Device around her neck! 

 Laufzeit  15 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 14.06.2016

Madame Zoe - Rubber Doll Bondage Part2


In the second part Rubber Doll Uschi gets her sore nipples cooled down with ice, and her horny "Pussy" too. After this kinky treatment the rubber Goddess Zoe places the Playtoy on a Wheel Chair and tights it up with a transparent plastic sheet. Anal Plug up her ass and totally helpless the RubberDoll gets so horny like never before and wishes she could rub her "Clity" ...but the only thing she can do is watch herself in the mirror beeing an ass fucked rubber bitch.  

 Laufzeit  13 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  768*576

  Added: 01.06.2016

Lady Isis - Rubber Mumification Part1


The rubber doll is packed and mummification with tied up balls in the Rubber bag and hung on with a hydraulics in the middle of the room . Totally Help and defenceless the rubber doll must now endure the sadistic games of his Rubber Goddess without any chance to escape Air is always an issue, especially if this is controlled and so the rubber toy must wear a nasty mask with bellows. Thereafter, the nipples are embellished with clamps connected with the electrical stimulation device. Now a very nasty game with air , electricity and orgasm control starts . 30 minutes Rubber Education Extreme ! 

 Laufzeit  28 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  720*576

  Added: 14.05.2016

Lady Minou & Kandy - Ultimate Rubber Sex (Part3)


It comes the next step in Kandys Ex boyfiend degradation lesson. Both use him as there living Toilet. Fixed and without power to do anything against it he must now swallow drop by drop the yellow liquid while the girls go on with there lesbian show. 

 Laufzeit  13 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 30.04.2016

Madame Zoe - Extremely Tubed (Part2)


and now i play a very nasty game with my Rubber Doll called Orgasem Control..... 

 Laufzeit  11 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 17.04.2016

Lady Ashley - Deviant Part1


The rubber object is going through his training for a suck and swallowing whore . With the current state is the mistress totally dissatisfied . Therefore, now there is a little harder lesson . Deep Throat must indeed be practiced as well as the proper swallowing of semen and the Mistress champagne. It is Clear that this treatment made the Rubber Slut extreme horny but you can imagine he will not have any orgasm at all. 

 Laufzeit  19 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 31.03.2016

Cheyenne de Muriel - The Box


The overnight stay for Rubber Property K13 is the medieval Box . Comfortable is different but appropriate for the useless object . For aggravation of his Punishment, he must wear a metal chastity device and his testicles are coupled to the electrical stimulation device that can handle the mistress from the outside . Finally his 2 holes get also stuffed! 

 Laufzeit  19 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 14.03.2016

Lady Minou & Kandy - Ultimate Rubber Sex (Part2)


For the defenseless Rubber Toy start now very hard times. Lady Minou fists Kandy with her fingers like cracy and Rubber Toy is then fed with her pussy juice. The pain in his Chastity device is cornered getting worse what can be easily imagined. Since it requires then comes some pain in the form of very nasty nipple clamps around him to cool him down again. The increase of his degradation and Pain comes then in the form of a really huge strapon. The ladies fuck in front of his eyes themself for the first orgasm. 

 Laufzeit  13 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 24.02.2016

Syonera von Styx - Nr.13 My Toilet-box


My rubber slave have the pleasure to serve me as my Toilet-box. In the meantime i electroshock his Nipples. After this kinky game hi is allowed to wank his dick under my Rubber Ass. I say a lot of times Stop before he can come. And then he get the countdown to come... on my command! 

 Laufzeit  29 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 14.02.2016

Lady Minou & Kandy - Ultimate Rubber Sex (Part1)


Lady Minou & Kandy are a couple for some weeks ago. The Ex Hubby of Kandy asks and begs for one more chance to get her back. This he should have, dressed in finest latex with a anal hook and locked up in a steelworks Chastity cage he get summoned by Lady Minou to his Ex. Unfortunately, he will be no part of the game what comes next, his place is the steel rack! total defenceless he must watch how the 2 Rubber Goddesses starts to play with each other and there Pussy`s. Such a bad Luck that he get directly more horny as he see this cause his dick in his chastity device wants to grow. So the Ladies have fun, the Rubber Slave Pain.  

 Laufzeit  14 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 29.01.2016

Lady Isis - - Fucking Maschine - -


Lady Isis restrains the slave nicely and genteelly on the fucking machine. Once he is fastened, the action can begin. You can see how much the mistress enjoys herself while the machine does its job. Next the Rubber Object is relased form his chastity device and without mercy the rubber toy is milked but the machine continues to fuck him after his orgasm. He might want to protest but luckily his heavy rubber masked is equipped with a gag. 

 Laufzeit  15.25 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  720*576

  Added: 14.01.2016

Madame Zoe - Rubber Doll Bondage Part1


Dressed in finest heavy rubber with a latex pussy and a lady mask Rubber Doll Uschi has to endure an absolute hard bondage session. First the mistress shoves a big metal plug in her butt and then she starts playing a very painful game with her nipples. helplessly fixed in bondage the rubber doll must undergo this sadistic treatment.  

 Laufzeit  15.30 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 31.12.2015

Cheyenne de Murie - My living Toilet


The Rubber Object wants to come, but before i want to see what a good PlayToy hi is. So i made him to my living Toilet and then i thing about if he can come 

 Laufzeit  11 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  720*576 Download and 640 * 360 Streaming

  Added: 14.12.2015

Madame Zoe - Fucked and Electro Shocked (Part2)


...and now the Rubber Doll get fucked with a big Strapon in his ass and electro shocked on his sensitive nipples in the same time! A real sadistic treatment for the poor play toy. 

 Laufzeit  11 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 30.11.2015

Lady Ashley - Rubber Toys long night


Now i place my Rubber Toy to bed. Completely fixed in Segfix he is now ready to sleep. But of course with very big balls... so i start to wank his dick again until he can go crazy for his horniness and the knowing that he will not have any chance to come or wank his dick in the night to the end.  

 Laufzeit  10 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280*720

  Added: 14.11.2015

Lady Ashley - GummipŁppchen wird als Fickloch benutzt


Now i use my rubber Puppet as my Fuckhole... without any Mercy i hammer my Strapon in his tight asshole and wank his dick at the same time...  

 Laufzeit  11 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1280 * 720

  Added: 31.10.2015

Rubber Goddess and her naughty little Chit Part 2


... and the nasty session with this Rubber Freaks continues. Yeah, this is real Rubber Sex! 

 Laufzeit  11 Min Format  WMV Video Auflösung  HD 1208*720


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