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Are you looking for a real Rubber Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be her
Rubber Sex Object? Then you have come to the right place. Where your wildest fantasies become reality.
Come in and enjoy the magic of Rubber Empire.

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Attack on his Crown Jewels Part2

The Slave have now a big Problem, Mistress told him he get her complete hand in the anus if he will come now under her Treatment. This means after his Orgasm when his horniness is gone. The Problem is the mask, very special, and make him more Lust and his dick harder like ever before, the next problem is the pain from his scrambled balls and at least the nasty game from the Mistress. He is fighting he is crying he is shouting, but nothing helps... 

Running time  22 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  18.02.2018

Madame Gillette und Lady Ashley - Extremly Tubed andMilked

You want to be the absolute Playtoy, anal pluged, gagged, helpless fixed tubed to the pantys from your goddess and totally committed to the sadistic treatment from 2 Ladies... here you are! Your Tripp into orgasm control Fantasy for hours is starting right here... Lets Milk!!!  

Running time  18 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  31.01.2018

Lady Estelle - Rubber Slut must eat sperm

at the End of the Session i have a special Gift for my Rubber Slut. He must knee on all 4 in front of the mega Dong from my slave and i pump the hole Cum from the last 4 Weeks out of his dick. The Rubber Slut must swallow everything if he like it or not. 

Running time  10 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  23.01.2018

Cheyenne de Murie - My living Toilet

The Rubber Object wants to come, but before i want to see what a good PlayToy hi is. So i made him to my living Toilet and then i thing about if he can come 

Running time  11 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  05.01.2018

Baroness Mercedes - Attack on his Crown Jewels!

The Mistress have a big Problem with the eternal whining and lamenting of her Rubber Slave. Now it is enough, so Defenseless strapped on the punishment chair, decorated with an inflatable mouth gag an blindfood with a mask gets the rubber object therefore really a reason to moan. A extremly painfull frontal attack on his Crown Jewels! 

Running time  20 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  23.12.2017

Lady Isis - Fucking Maschine

Lady Isis restrains the slave nicely and genteelly on the fucking machine. Once he is fastened, the action can begin. You can see how much the mistress enjoys herself while the machine does its job. Next the Rubber Object is relased form his chastity device and without mercy the rubber toy is milked but the machine continues to fuck him after his orgasm. He might want to protest but luckily his heavy rubber masked is equipped with a gag. 

Running time  32 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  05.12.2017

Lady Estelle - You will do what I want

My rubber object real dont want to swallow my goddess juicy. What a afford against his Mistress. Ok, so i will teach him with the whip what does it mean when the goddess wants something and that i ever get my will if he like it or not! 

Running time  10 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  28.11.2017

Lady Isis - Rubber Mumification Part1

The rubber doll is packed and mummification with tied up balls in the Rubber bag and hung on with a hydraulics in the middle of the room . Totally Help and defenceless the rubber doll must now endure the sadistic games of his Rubber Goddess without any chance to escape Air is always an issue, especially if this is controlled and so the rubber toy must wear a nasty mask with bellows. Thereafter, the nipples are embellished with clamps connected with the electrical stimulation device. Now a very nasty game with air , electricity and orgasm control starts . 30 minutes Rubber Education Extreme ! 

Running time  28 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.11.2017

Lady Ashley - The Determination

Totally tubed, bound in a strict bondage and locked up in an xxs chastity device the Rubber Toy must learn now the hole night to accept what his determination for the next day and the future will be. The Toilet for all the mistresses in the Studio and the Fuckhole for every customer with a big dick. Looks like the Rubber Toy will have a horny night! 

Running time  13 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.10.2017

The Baroness - Serve the Mistress

The Rubber Puppet has the honor to go with her Mistress outside to serve at a Pick-nick. After the Rubber Goddess use the Toy for an nice anal Fuck she have a funny idea. She let her Toy Bound and gagged alone in the public park back. Ready to be used for everybody comes across the way.  

Running time  26 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  30.09.2017



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