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Are you looking for a real Rubber Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be her
Rubber Sex Object? Then you have come to the right place. Where your wildest fantasies become reality.
Come in and enjoy the magic of Rubber Empire.

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Lady Ashley - The Determination

Totally tubed, bound in a strict bondage and locked up in an xxs chastity device the Rubber Toy must learn now the hole night to accept what his determination for the next day and the future will be. The Toilet for all the mistresses in the Studio and the Fuckhole for every customer with a big dick. Looks like the Rubber Toy will have a horny night! 

Running time  13 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.10.2017

The Baroness - Serve the Mistress

The Rubber Puppet has the honor to go with her Mistress outside to serve at a Pick-nick. After the Rubber Goddess use the Toy for an nice anal Fuck she have a funny idea. She let her Toy Bound and gagged alone in the public park back. Ready to be used for everybody comes across the way.  

Running time  26 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  30.09.2017

Madame Gillette - 2 Rubbertoys to play Part2

What a nasty situation for my Rubber Toy. It is strictly forbidden to Cum and shod the load. If he do the punishment for him is 4 weeks looked up in a extra small chastity device. Well the best way to test him is the milking machine. What a fun for me to watch how my toys fight against there orgasm and the horniness. So we will see which rubbertoy will come first and get locked up. 

Running time  20 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.09.2017

Lady Letizia - Locked up after Milking

After the rubber toy was used as a studio toilet he gets now its reward. First he is bound helplessly and then freed from his chastity Device. How gladly he would now again jerk off his cock only unfortunately the mistress has other plans. First she stuffed with a big anal plug his ass and then he get mercilessly mollied. So after his horniness is away hi must eat his own sperm. And unfortunately his Dick get locked again for the next 2 weeks in the small chastity. 

Running time  10 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  31.08.2017

Madame Gillette - 2 Rubbertoys to play Part1

Today I have ordered 2 rubber play toys for myself in my Luxurious Rubber loft. Woman can never have enough I directly bind Slave Toy NR 16 in X shape on the waterbed and cable his best piece with the electrical stimulation device, while No. 22 may test my new piece of furniture. Helplessly trapped in chains, upside down on the shelf with his best piece locked up and painfully stretched in the tail pillory. And now I ll connect the glass with my goddess liquid to a tube that goes directly to his Mouth gag. Not that anyone can say my guests get nothing to drink! 

Running time  20 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.08.2017

Lady Ashley - Docking-Station

A first briefing as a live rubber docking station is given to my rubber toy at this session. His mouth is wide open with a gag and I place on the wall div. Plugs and dildos in different sizes. To these the Rubber Toy must now dock himself to my amusement and fucking them in his ass. I use the beautifully opened mouth as my ashtray and spittoon. But not enough, after stretching it far enough, I put him to the Steel Rack and then I use his ass as my Strapon docking station! 

Running time  18 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  29.07.2017

Lady Kate - Das Gummi Objekt (Part3)

Orgasms! You want a orgasms??? So you have to play my game… First i will use you as my toilet then you get a air control Mask over your head and a plug in your ass. Both parts where connected with a flexible tube. So you must smell now all the time your own asshole. Are you going horny??? Goes your dick bigger and bigger? Well… Perhaps i start to wank you and bring you to an ultimate orgasms, but perhaps I stop a second before you come, we will see 

Running time  15 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  29.06.2017

Lady Kate - Das Gummi Objekt (Part2)

Totally helpless bound at the punishment chair the slave is total committed to Lady Kate. So no it is asshole open time for him. Without any Mercy the Mistress takes his small hole first with a big Strapon while she tort. his nipples. The Slave is moan and crying like hell about this nasty treatment, but he had no chance to escape from the sadistic game and then comes the hole fist. 

Running time  12 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.06.2017

Lady Letizia - Die Studio Toilette

Your job for the next days: Studio toilet in the Vison of Magic! Chained and locked in the Chastity Device that you can not wank at your "little" dick you lie under the Toilet. Your mask is connected to the spout of the toilet. You can not get away and have no idea who will be the first to use you. Your lust is getting bigger the little one in the Chastity Device swells up, it pushes, it hurts and then becomes your head cinema real, you are used as a living toilet, no chance to escape and that was just the first of some ladies today. 

Running time  11 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  29.05.2017

Lady Isis - The Rubber Objekt Part2

Total fixed at the punishment chair the Rubber Object gets total tubed. Then the lady sets his dick under Power and starts a very nasty game called Orgasms denial!  

Running time  14 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.05.2017



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