Madame Zoe - Extremely Tubed und Used

  • 19:53 minutes
  • HDTV

Completely detached from reality Rubber Doll Uschi must take place on the treatment chair Extreme tubing and power for the ass is announced for the Toy, Rubber Gooddess Zoe first empty her bladder for the Rubber Doll and tube the container with the Gaskmask. So the Toy can now only breath over it and must smell the hole time the Goddess champagne. Next she opens the Pussy and plug a metal Device in the hole, set it under Power and use the Dolls Dick. The Doll goes so horney under this treatment and and wants to come but the Mistress had a better plan and so comes the cruel Orgasm control Game over the Doll and Uschi starts to go Mad.

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