Miss Mina - My Rubbertoy must drink it all

2003-01-15Fräulein Mina
  • 16:03 minutes
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My living Rubber Toy is now used by me according to all rules of art. It is always a nice time for me to play with his air, also to fuck his butt with a Strapon. The Toy is all the time suffering so much much for me when his ass get used. After this nice Treatment Rubber Toy must go on his knees then the gas mask get connectec with an funnel and he must watch me and my pierced mumu and the nice "p.." comes out. My juice fill the funnel until the top and the rubbertoy certainty that it must swallow it all!
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September 28, 2021 05:31 ★★★★★

Fraulein Mina is has divine powers to be worshipped and submitted to.