Baroness Bijou

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Sadistic Livestyle Mistress and Fetish Model from Munic - Germany

Baroness Bijou is certainly one of the top stars the fetish scene has ever had, her fantasies captured on film especially her heavy rubber stuff are legendary and still partly unmatched but also her femdom and riding cult clips stand for the high art of BDSM. Baroness Bijou worked as a fetish model and dominatrix from 2003 - 2015 and then withdrew into private life.



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1.70 meters (ca. 5β€²7β€³)

Updates with Baroness Bijou

Bound to Fuck 0
2020-10-24Baroness Bijou26:15 minutesBondage Sex, Latex, Lesbian

Bound to Fuck

A Bondage Fantasy 0
2020-09-08Baroness Bijou19:46 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Lesbian

A Bondage Fantasy

Rubber maid in distress 0
2020-08-11Baroness Bijou37:19 minutesEmbarrassed, Latex, Lesbian

Rubber maid in distress

Pervert Doll Part 2 0
2020-03-04Baroness Bijou13:08 minutesBondage, Inflatables, Rubber

Pervert Doll Part 2

Wicked Girls - Bonus Update   0
2020-02-17Baroness Bijou10:07 minutesChastity, Latex, Outdoors

Wicked Girls - Bonus Update

Pervert Doll Part 1 0
2020-01-27Baroness Bijou12:38 minutesInflatables, Latex, Mask Fetish

Pervert Doll Part 1