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Lara is a heavy rubber fetishist from Germany, residing in the greater Atlanta , Georgia area. Discovered the love for the amazing variety of appearance possibilities of full rubber 4 years ago and is very much hooked. Lara is a dominant person in daily life and enjoys to submit once transformed into the rubberdoll. Anyhow, Lara still loves neutral fetishplay and topping others.
The german latexmodel is finding that rubber and fetish are a great escape and a fun way of expressing herself.

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1.62 meters (ca. 5β€²4β€³)

Updates with LatexLara

Damsel In Distress Part 1 0
2021-07-05LatexLara11:03 minutesBondage, Fucking Machines, Male Domination2021

Damsel In Distress Part 1

Stuffed on both sides (reverse) 0
2021-05-11LatexLara8:02 minutesFucking Machines, Latex, Male Domination2021

Stuffed on both sides (reverse)

Deep throat Training 0
2021-02-22LatexLara16:34 minutesBlow Job, Latex, Male Domination

Deep throat Training

Fucking Rubber Dolls 0
2021-01-12LatexLara6:52 minutesFetish, Latex, Strapon

Fucking Rubber Dolls

The lent rubber object 0
2020-09-27LatexLara16:34 minutesChastity, Fetish, Rubber

The lent rubber object

The Rubber Artifact  0
2020-07-28LatexLara16:48 minutesAnal Sex, Mask Fetish, Rubber

The Rubber Artifact

Crazy Latex Ballhead Teasing  0
2020-04-21LatexLara12:30 minutesHandjob, Latex, Mask Fetish

Crazy Latex Ballhead Teasing