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Are you looking for a real Rubber Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be her Rubber Sex Object? Then you have come to the right place. Where your wildest fantasies become reality. Come in and enjoy the magic of Rubber Empire.

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Calea Toxic - A Toxic Orgasm

After the first two episodes of his treatment in Maso Extrem and Toxc ART, everbody can truly imagine that the poor slaves dick hurts like crazy. Now there is a reward for having suffered so well, he can dress in his beloved rubber and take a seat on the bench. After he was correctly tied up there his goddess Calea Toxic tells him that his penis is pumped up to the maximum and then milked. That it is also a little easier for him to endure this, the mistress then sits down with full weight on his face. His poor dick can then of course not long refuse to orgasm and so he may inject everything well-behaved into a Condom. Well now is the horniness gone, but the mistress has a condom filled to the top with sperm... such a trouble but also ... Mouth open you will know learn how to swallow cum!!! 

Running time  19 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  04.03.2019

Rubber Goddess Cheyenne - Die Heilung von Gummipüppchen 16 (Part2)

The rubber doll just can not take his fingers of his little penis, the next step in Therapy should be now the fucking machine in Combination with the Hitachi vibrator. The little doll groans, moans and fights for his orgasm but as the Mistress turn around, the fingers are back again at the brick. Well, there is only one thing that helps and so on the mistress gets to the infinite horror of the doll a new key on the waistband. 

Running time  13 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.02.2019

Lady Blackdiamoond & Bizarr Lady Alice - Condom Slut

In the second part, it is even better for the rubber toy, he may lick extensively rubber pussy and there are at the end of the wellness program also several round facesitting. Completely detached from reality, he registers how his "little dick" is slowly but tenderly driven to orgasm, well, and then is over with funny as the condom is full of sperm held over his mouth, unfortunately now his lust is gone but swallowing is announced, whether he wants or not! That this was his final training session for his future job in the mistresss studio, as a condom disposal object understand the poor slave in this moment! 

Running time  20 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  23.01.2019

Two brats in Latex ecstasy (BONUS UPDATE)

The two rubber brats have the task of cleaning the spa area of their mistress. Unfortunately, they are so rattig horny from the rubber on her bare skin that they just can not control themself anymore and so ithey must lick and fuck each other as if there is no tomorrow. After the 2nd orgasm both also discover the gas masks and then everything is too late. That the mistress is not really excited about the work of her "girls" in her inspection can be imagined and this has serious consequences!  

Running time  31 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  05.01.2019

At the command of the Mistress

The mistress likes to see how the two rubber slaves suck each others cocks! Of course they do not want that, but because the mistress has them on a leash, they have no choice and so they have to suck their penises and blow them until they come 

Running time  15 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  25.12.2018

Rubber Goddess Cheyenne - Die Heilung von Gummipüppchen 16 (Part1)

The rubber doll is sick, it suffers from extreme painful and unmissable masturbation. It just can not stop giving himself a handjob. Under these dim conditions it has gone into the heeling hands of Rubber Goddess Cheyenne de Muriel. But even with the blow and swallowing training, including hard Face Slapping the rubber doll can not control himself. Unfortunately, next is the bad game with the air at the series, first by a skilful face sitting and then by reduction training using a gas mask. The Editorial staff of the doll on this treatment of course can not hidden to his goddess eyes so it must take his ass up in front of the fucking machine. To be continued ... 

Running time  14 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  11.12.2018

Lady Black Diamoond & Bizarr Lady Alice - Der Nektar der Göttinnen

For the Rubbertoy, Xmas, Easter and his birthday fall on one day this year. First he is allowed to watch as his two goddesses. Lady Black Diamoond & Bizarre Lady Alice spoil each other and rub her super hot latex outfit with oil and then he will be spoiled with this sensational wellness program of the two ladies. But it gets even better for the rubber toy, while he is still dreaming, both empty their blisters. For the Toy, this means a really intimate encounter with the breathing mask, completely tubed he may now breathe deeply and absorb the divine Juicy with each move. As also his "Dick" is spoiled drives the toy just before the madness ... and then he must swallow !!! 

Running time  22 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  19.11.2018

The Baroness - The Basement (BONUS UPDATE)

The Baronesss maid is browsing around at the basement. What she finds there makes her speechless and then to the will-less rubber doll of the Mistress. That her curiosity also accordingly she can spend the rest of the night in latex, tied, vibrator stuffed and gagged with her horniness alone on the chair without chance to satisfy her dripping pussy. 

Running time  27 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  04.11.2018

Lady Lilith - Rubbertoy - Diabolus

Absolute mean it is now for the rubber toy of Lady Lilith at the end of the session, first it gets his ass stuffed with the full fist, then the joking balls are set under power again, whiler the mistress tenderly cares about the hard dick, as the toy almost can not control itself anymore cause of his lust and only wants to get an orgasm comes again the whip into play. At the end the poor toy get for the amusement of the mistress simply locked away in the cage without being released. There are also other mistresses in the dungeon who later want to have fun with the rubber toy. 

Running time  19 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  19.10.2018

Madame Zoe - Extremely Tubed und Used

Completely detached from reality Rubber Doll Uschi must take place on the treatment chair Extreme tubing and power for the ass is announced for the Toy, Rubber Gooddess Zoe first empty her bladder for the Rubber Doll and tube the container with the Gaskmask. So the Toy can now only breath over it and must smell the hole time the Goddess champagne. Next she opens the Pussy and plug a metal Device in the hole, set it under Power and use the Dolls Dick. The Doll goes so horney under this treatment and and wants to come but the Mistress had a better plan and so comes the cruel Orgasm control Game over the Doll and Uschi starts to go Mad. 

Running time  20 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  04.10.2018


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